Our Clinicians

                    Medical Team

                 Our medical team consists of Board Certified Physicians, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners,                    and Family Nurse Practitioners who prescribe medications to manage the symptoms of mental health                      disorders. Our clinicians are highly trained individuals with years of experience treating patients               suffering from behavioral health issues.

Please click the link to the Medical Team page to learn more about each provider.

                    Therapy Team

                  Our therapy team provides clients with talk therapy to help with their mental health concerns.                                      Individuals seek talk therapy for a variety of reasons, including learning to cope with symptoms of a                            behavioral health disorder, making sense of life changes, or improving the quality of their relationships,                    just to name a few. Our therapy team consists of providers with master’s-level education and state       licensure in a mental health discipline.

Please click the link to the Therapy Team page to learn more about our providers of talk therapy.