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Post-Praumatic Stress Disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a condition that may develop after witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event that may have caused physical harm to someone. These events may include assault, unexpected death, an accident, war or a natural disaster.

Certain reactions are natural after these types of events, but they should decrease and eventually go away over time. People with PTSD continue to experience these reactions, sometimes in increasing amounts, long after the event in such a way that affects their daily lives.


Symptoms of traumatic events can include:

  • Bad dreams

  • Flashbacks

  • Recurring scary thoughts

  • Feeling worried or guilty

  • Feeling alone

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Feeling restless

  • Feeling angry

If these symptoms last for more than six months or get worse with time, you may be suffering from PTSD. These symptoms can be treated. Talk to your doctor if you think you may have PTSD.

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